80 grs butter cheese palmiers

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Handmade butter cheese palmiers (80 gr)

To make these biscuits, we use our handmade butter puff pastry. We top these with one-year-old cheese, real Gouda Holland (PDO), and then bake thin slices in the oven until crunchy. A rare classic and a delicacy. Delicious served with aperitifs or a glass of wine.

The Van Strien Handmade Cheese Palmiers are made by craftsmen in a traditional confectionery, with 100% natural ingredients of top quality.
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warenwettelijke naam all butter cheese palmiers
ingrediënten tarwebloem, roomboter (28%), oude Goudse Noord-Holland BOB (18%) (melk, aardappel zetmeel, zout, zuursel, stremsel, kleurstof (E160B)), water, zeezout, kleurstof (caroteen).
allergenen Dit product bevat melk, lactose, ei, gluten, tarwe
voedingswaarde in gram/per 100 gram
energie (kJ) 2368.45
energie (kcal) 568.27
eiwitten 12.26
koolhydraten 36.21
   waarvan suikers 0.37
vetten 41.53
   waarvan verzadigd 28.21
   waarvan onverzadigd 9.27
vezels 0.99
natrium (in mg) 199.12
voedingswaarde in gram/per portie (portiegrootte in gram) 7
energie (kJ) 165.79
energie (kcal) 39.78
eiwitten 0.86
koolhydraten 2.53
   waarvan suikers 0.03
vetten 2.91
   waarvan verzadigd 1.97
   waarvan onverzadigd 0.65
vezels 0.07
natrium (in mg) 13.94
dieet gegevens
EKO / biologisch No
veganist No
coeliakie No
lactose intoleranten No
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