We have been baking for 6 generation. In 1938 my grandfather, Co van Strien, started our family business. As a grandson my ambition is to bake the best cookies ever made. We only ever bake with craftmenship, the best ingredients and the love for our producst. We never use machines when making biscuits by hand results in a better quality biscuit. Therefore, always choose ´Handmade by van Strien´. You´ll taste the difference. Click here for our webshop.


Our bakery is where our cookies are made the traditional way by craftsmen. In our bakery, every cookie has its own recipe. We work on the recipe until it's perfect. This is the reason why 'Made by craftsmen, not machines' is on the packages. We love feedback on our products so feel free to get in touch via our contact form.


The tastiest cookies are made with carefully chosen ingredients of the best quality. That's why all our cookies are made with 100% real butter, most of them with creamy grass butter. We use Belgian chocolate, all of which is Fairtrade certified. The cheese we use is also recognised as the best; especially our cheese palmiers which contain North-Holland 12 month aged Gouda cheese of protected origin. We only use real ingredients that you would use in your own kitchen.
No artificial additives are used.